gabalaba: Im 14 and 5"10 and I'm quite fat Ive started eating less food only 1 meal a day Because I'm so insecure about my body and the way I look I don't want to stick out from the crowd because of my height and weight I just want to blend into the background

"I’ve started eating less food only 1 meal a day"

Okay. This is not healthy. The human body needs three meals a day to be healthy and for nutrition to flow through the body properly. Please eat something. Your body needs food to live, you will get so sick if you don’t. I don’t want to see you end up with anorexia. If you feel you need to lose weight, that’s fine. You can go talk to your mom about it and do it the proper way. If that’s you in your picture, I personally don’t think you need to lose weight. 

Eating less than you should may seem like it’s going to work, but it’s not going to. All it does is it takes away all the nutrients that help your body grow and you will get sick. You’re 14 years old and still growing, I really just can’t stress it enough but you need to eat three meals a day, especially breakfast. I don’t know if I’m helping, but if I’m not then at least promise me that the meal you do eat is breakfast because it’s so important. :(

Have you ever heard of the chicken soup books? They’re really good and they have some stories about anorexia and eating disorders that I think you should read. If you need any help, feel free to come to me. I am here. :)

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wheresmynashy: I just hate the fact how short girls offend tall girls and say stuff like "we're manly" or whatever. Models are tall and probably the highest level of femininity. Yet I feel so self conscious about my height. I'm 13 and 5'8 and everybody else is like 5'6 and under

Short girls called you manly? o_o 

Okay, first of all if anyone is insulting you like that they’re jealous. I hate to pull the jealous card but from what you’re telling me that’s what it looks like. Because no one just calls someone a name for no reason and even if they do think that, they don’t say it out loud which those girls did so…

Also, keep in mind that you’re only 13. Everyones insecure at this age so you may start to like being tall eventually so I suggest just to look at the advantages of being tall. I think 5’8” is a great height! Honestly. :)

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Tall female youtubers!

So we always go on about girl celebrities and models who are tall. So why not youtubers this time? 

Jaclyn Glenn - 5’9” 1/2

Chriselle lim - 5’9”

Cassandra Bankson (Diamondsandheels14) - 6’0”

Emily Hart - 5’11”

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"Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear"

                                                    - I have no idea actually

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Anonymous: I am 13 and 6'2 I do not get bullied but I am proud of being tall

That’s good :D 

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Anonymous: You posted a while ago about tall girls having less assets. Im 6'2 and I have DD's. I have two sisters both 6'4 one of them is an A cup, and one a C cup. No matter what your height or bra size you are beautiful, own it!

Exactly :) Thanx

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orange-baron: Love your blog! I can relate to a lot of the things you post, even though I'm a guy. I'm 6'9 and can't even sit properly in most cars. When I was in my early twenties I stopped caring about my length but I understand it can be different for girls.

Wow this is the first time a guy has told me he can relate to this blog! That’s awesome! :)

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wretchedanddivine101: I'm 6' tall & I'm 14 years old, I find it so sad when girls hate their height, tbh I love being tall now, my boyfriend is 6'2 & he loves my height:) Do you think he'd mine if I wore heels? Do you think it would look weird?

Ask him and see what he says. He shouldn’t mind though. :) If he cared, he wouldn’t have chosen to date a tall girl in the first place.

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Anonymous: I love your blog! I just wish that girls who are around 5'7-5'10 stop hating their height because they're amazing! I'm 6'3 and proud! I don't care about getting a bf and I wear heels daily. #TallGirlPower

The confidence you have (Especially in that last sentence there) is amazing. You go girl!

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A strange thought

For some reason, knowing that Jennifer Lawrence is either 5’9” or 5’10” makes me feel a lot more confident about being tall. If you tell me “Victoria secret models are tall.” I’ll be like “Yeah, that’s true. Guess I shouldn’t be too insecure.” But as soon as you remind me “Jennifer Lawrence is tall!” my confidence just soars. 

Don’t know why I shared that……but yeah lol

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