Anonymous: Your blog is amazing! I'm just about to turn 15 and I'm a little above 5'9. I'm growing (haha) to accept my height, but the fact that the majority of guys my age are shorter than me is driving me crazy. Will it always be this way?

Haha I liked that pun you put! To answer you’re question, no it will not always be this way. Guys generally grow in height much later than girls do. They’ll all get taller by the end of grade 11. Just watch! Once you get to University, you’ll see so many taller people.

posted 5 days ago
Anonymous: I myself am not tall (barely 4'8") and I went through the tall girl tag out of curiosity and found your blog. I think all us girls should just unite and embrace our differences and not give a fuck about those who say otherwise :D

That is exactly the point of this blog! A lot of tall girl blogs slam short girls and vice versa. Which is why I made this. We can be confident without slamming other people. Actually, that’s not confidence if you’re putting others down! I agree with what you say, lets just all come together and embrace our differences!

posted 5 days ago
zarithh: I love your blog! my height is 175cm I'm turning 19 this year. I am quite heavy which makes me look older than my age. So one day, I was shopping w my little brothers ( 12 y/o & 9 y/o ) and the salesgirl was like 'oh is that your children?'.few years back, I was walking with my dad and someone asked if I am his wife. and people keep on mistaken me as my mom's younger sister. Seriously -.- it happened many times. It was hard for me but now I love my height! Embrace your height and size! :)

I’m so glad you’ve found confidence in yourself. :) Good for you!

posted 2 weeks ago
claytonmichelson98: Honestly there is nothing wrong with a tall girl , they are beautiful and pretty and sexy and no one should take that away from them , just because your tall doesnt mean that your any different than a short girl , you are all beautiful and trust me , one day all of you will find a guy that will appreciate your height for me they are actually better , but then again im 6'4 so yes your blog is relatable and its amazing for supporting tall girls

No, there is nothing wrong with being a tall girl. Thank you so much for all these positive words! :D

posted 2 weeks ago
Anonymous: You don't have to answer this, but I asked you an anon question, I'm anxiety girl haha. I just wanted to say thank you, so much for your answer.. It really made me feel a lot better, and it's just nice to know that there's somebody out there like me there to listen. I really do appreciate it, thank you. What you are doing is just amazing, you've helped so many people and you should be proud xx

Wow. This is amazing to hear. Thank you so much……wow. :) I’m so glad I helped you. 

posted 3 weeks ago
Anonymous: 7 and 3

3 - No. 

7 - Not sure but most likely no

posted 4 weeks ago
Anonymous: I'm not sure if it's just me, but I feel like there is a weird tension between tall girls and guys that are shorter than them. As in the guy is afraid to talk to the girl because he fears that she might not be into shorter guys, and yet the girl is afraid to talk to the guy because she fears that he might not be into taller girls. Being a guy, I would definitely date a girl that's taller than me, but it's that weird tension that always gets me... :/

Don’t be afraid to approach her! If there’s a girl you like that’s taller than you, just ask her out! You never know, she just may end up being the love of your life. It’s not just you who thinks like this, it’s everyone. Society has made it out to be that you have to be taller than the girl but that’s not true. 

posted 4 weeks ago
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Anonymous: Love your blog & just throwing it out there to all the ladies talking about heels and cute footwear, I'm 5'8 & my new bf is 5'5 whenever we go anywhere that I would usually wear heels I've been wearing these pointy toed flats REALLY cute got mine at old navy & the great thing about flats is they often come in bigger sizes! But obv on girls night I still rock my 4 inch heels who doesn't wanna over 6 feet is the real question! :-)
posted 4 weeks ago
Anonymous: I wish I knew tall girls in real life to hang out with. We could be tall and beautiful together!

Do you live in a small town? If you ever go to a city you’ll find lots of tall girls.

posted 4 weeks ago